Specialty Services

  • Crack Bridging Linings
    - Hempel
    - Elasti-Liner® KCC
    - Marseal - Sheet Goods
  • Direct Bond Brick & Paver Systems
    - Hempel Versiline
    - Summitville Floor Bricks & Tiles
  • NSF Approved Linings and Membranes
  • Fireproofing Materials
    - Intumescent fireproofing
  • Protective Linnings for Superior Corrosion and High Temperature with Exceptional Flexibility and Toughness
    - Chemline® LE
    - Advanced Polymer Coatings
  • Temperature Dissipating Coatings
    - Chemline® TDC
  • High Function Concrete Sealer
    - Trinic

Above shows a before and after of
project utilizing Elasti-Liner products.

Approved applicators for the nation’s leading manufacturers:

  • Ceilcote International
  • Blome International
  • Marseal MRC
  • Sherwin Williams/ General Polymers
  • DowAksa Carbon Fiber Restoration
  • KCC Corrosion Control
Elasti-liner 1
Secondary Containment under E-coat Process Line
Elasti-Liner I
Elasti-Liner I, II & III

Elasti-Liner® from KCC is a completely new generation of polymer which combines unequalled chemical resistance with unsurpassed crack bridging and weather resistance for dike lining called the “Ultimate Containment Lining”®
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Marseal - Weather and chemical resistant sheet liner from Marseal are used to protect the environment from spills. Surface prep requirements are minimal with self adhered sheets. Liners are used on concrete or over compacted soil.

The following areas provide additional Specialty Services details:

Blore acid resistant tile Acid Resistant Bricks and Tiles
Fully vitrified pieces that are non-absorbent and non-porous and are installed in a variety of methods depending upon the requirements and budget of the specific project.
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Liquid Applied Elastomeric Linings Liquid Applied Elastomeric Linings
Flexible containment linings for concrete, steel or over soil with a geotextile fabric. Provides ultimate protection for concrete from salt and chemical related degradation.
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Temperature Dissipating Coatings Temperature Dissipating Coatings
Ultimate Corrosion Control can line concrete process tanks and dike areas. APC materials are durable, chemical resistant and pliable enough to line concrete without cracking. More details >
Nano Concrete Technologies IST - Industrial SurfaceTreatment
A series of sealant formulations specifically designed to penetrate the surface of concrete for enhanced corrosion resistance, permeation and increased water repellancy.
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corrosion control

Blome vitrified tiling system

Blome International Vitrified Tiling Systems

corrosion control


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