Corrosion Control Specialty Products offered by UCC

UCC offers products designed for special applications that have met our guidelines for application, durability and success. UCC specializes in innovative methods for solving; complex coatings and linings applications, demanding deadlines with safe engineered solutions and systems.

Elasti-Liner Specialty Products

Ultimate Corrosion Control Inc.
 (UCC) is the leading service provider of all Elasti-Liner products and specializes in flexible containment linings for steel, or concrete. UCC is an exclusive KCC trained and approved Elasti-Liner installer. More details >

FRP Specialty products Specialized FRP Installation
UCC offers installation of specialized FRP parts and accessories, including custom manufactured parts. We offer the capability to design and fabricate unique solutions to meet the needs for each project we work on. More details >






Blome Tiles

Blome International Vitrified Tiling Systems


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