Specialized FRP Installation

UCC offers installation of specialized FRP parts and accessories, including custom manufactured parts. We offer the capability to design and fabricate unique solutions to meet the needs for each project we work on.

The following are samples of some of the FRP parts and accessories UCC installs.

FRP Specialized grooved or flanged connections

Prefabricated Fiberglass Coves
are used in rectangular tanks to line the floor to wall junction. This provides a tank with easy to clean cornors by eliminating dirt, paint or sludge build up. The cove is fully integrated into the tank lining

Pultruded fiberglass structural tubes


Pultruded Fiberglass structural tubes are installed in dip tanks to prevent ware parts from banging or crashing into expensive piping and equipment mounted to the tank walls and sides.


Custom FRP Parts

Custom FRP weir plates

FRP stairway



Blome Tiles

Blome International Vitrified Tiling Systems


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