Electro Deposition Facilities

Ultimate Corrosion Control Inc. (UCC Inc.) specializes in lining application to all surfaces that come in contact with electrified paint.

Typical Electro-Coat Facility

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Our Trained and experienced Personnel are qualified to apply linings that provide total electrical insulation. Fiberglass reinforced epoxy linings also exhibit strong resistance to abrasion and abuse from the potential of parts dropping or dragging on the tank lining. UCC Inc. joins with Ceilcote International to become "Partners in Construction Success". All Installers receive in-depth training in surface preparation, application techniques, inspection procedures and product knowledge. UCC Inc. is committed to provide a safe work environment for our employees and our clients by offering proper explosion-proof lighting and ventilation, dust control systems, dehumidification, and environmental monitoring on all our projects.

Lining Installation inside the Electro Coat Tank
Tank Lining Surface Preparation

Abrasive grit blasting, the tank is covered and sealed-off from the plant area and exhausted to the outside atmosphere through a filtering system to avoid plant contamination.

Steel surface temperature is constantly monitored to avoid material application problems.

Lining applications and inspection
All interior surfaces of the dip tank, weir tank and pump wells are lined with silica-filled, glass-reinforced, modified epoxy lining (silicone free) and applied to a thickness of between 1/8"—3/16".

An electronic or magnetic film tester is used to insure a minimum thickness of the lining is obtained.

All lined surfaces are verified electrically leak free. A high voltage spark tester is used in testing procedures set at 100 Volts per mil of thickness.


Installation of FRP Structures in E-Coat Tanks
FRP Structures provide Non-Conductive surface which will not attract paint by grounding. They will resist electro Coat and cleaning chemicals. The parts are strong and will take ware part impact.

Installations provided by UCC Inc. Trained and Experienced Personnel:

Anode, Eductor and Pipe Supports

Rub (Crash) Rails

FRP Adjustable Weirs

FRP Grating, Steps & Ladders

Shields, FRP Radius Bottom Corners and FRP Radius Sweep


Typical Applications:



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