Elastomeric Lining System for
Primary & Secondary Containment

Stand-out with Elasti-Liner® products from the experts.

Elasti-Liner® represents a unique (patented) technology and an entirely new class of advanced, high-performance, secondary and primary containment linings.

Elasti-Liner, widely known as “The Ultimate Containment Lining”® It is a containment lining which combines unequalled chemical resistance with unsurpassed crack-bridging and unmatched resistance to weathering and UV exposure. Elasti-Liner provides facility owners with the most advanced technology available in preventing ground water contamination, protecting foundations or tanks; and provides a cost effective alternative to coatings, fiberglass, and rubber or PVC linings. Elasti-Liner will provide a containment system that meets Federal SSPC (40 CFR 112), NPDES (40 CFR 122.26), EPA Container Storage Regulation (40 CFR 264.175), and all state regulations.

Elasti-Liner is... Elasti-Liner is not...
Completely new generation of polymers Polyurea, Polyurethane, Polysulfide, or Silicone
Flexible with elongation from 115%—200% Rigid, inflexible or unforgiving
Competitive with less capable linings Expensive to install
Applied by spray, brush or roller A lining that requires specialized installation equipment
An ambient cured material Post cured or vulcanized for performance
Unaffected by weathering and UV light A polymer that loses crack bridging and chemical resistance properties with age

PRIMARY CONTAINMENT (Defined as Full Time Immersion)

Elasti-Liner I.2 Light — Gray Color

Elasti-Liner I.2 is an elastomeric lining system that provides superior service to that of traditional rubber or PVC linings with unequaled permeation, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

Elasti-Liner II.2 — Dark Gray Color

Elasti-Liner II.2 system product has been engineered with a greater density of polymer and higher degree of cross linking to resist molecular permeation over the Elasti-Liner I.2 product offering. This greater density improves the chemical resistance and temperature resistance in full time immersion conditions.

See the technical matrix for examples of primary containment chemical resistance.

(Defined as 72 Hours Exposure to Splash and Spillage of Chemicals)

Elasti-Liner I — Light Gray Color

  • Elasti-Liner I is suitable for intermittent immersion conditions in lining sumps, trenches and concrete tanks up to 170°F in aqueous environments

Elasti-Liner II — Dark Gray Color

  • Elasti-Liner II is suitable for intermittent immersion conditions in lining sumps, trenches and concrete tanks up to 250°F in aqueous environments.

Elasti-Liner III — Charcoal Gray Color

  • Elasti-Liner III is suitable for intermittent immersion conditions in lining sumps, trenches and concrete tanks up to 200°F in aqueous environments.

  • Unlike other Elasti-Liner products Elasti-Liner III is 100% solids.

Elasti-Liner III Joint Sealant — Charcoal Gray Color

  • Elasti-Liner III Joint Sealant is suitable for sealing cracks and joints in concrete for minimum secondary containment protection. Secondary containment chemical resistance is similar to Elasti-Liner III.

See the technical matrix for examples of secondary containment chemical resistance.

Stand-out with Elasti-Liner® products from the experts.

The Installation Expert The Product Expert

Ultimate Corrosion Control Inc. (UCC) is the leading service provider of all Elasti-Liner products and specializes in flexible containment linings for steel, or concrete. UCC is an exclusive KCC trained and approved Elasti-Liner installer.
We provide everything from basic corrosion protection for exterior services to high-performance coatings and linings for highly corrosive environments.

UCC specializes in innovative methods for solving; complex coatings and linings applications, demanding deadlines with safe engineered solutions and systems.

Chemical Containment Systems Inc. (CCSI) offers the experience of over 30 years in solving problems in process fluid storage, environmental compliance in secondary containment, and chemical resistant, tank lining and protective coatings. CCSI can assist you with specifications and advise you on the proper Elasti-liner selection.

CCSI believes that service is the key to any successful business and we base our philosophy on that precept. We look forward to working with you on your next containmentproject and join our growing list of satisfied customers.


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Typical Applications:

corrosion control

Blome vitrified tiling system

Blome International Vitrified Tiling Systems

corrosion control


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