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The following project is illustrative of work performed by Ultimate Corrosion Control for our diverse client base worldwide.

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> Waste Water Treatment - FGD System
> Tiger Creek Generation Facility
Mesquite Power Generation Facility
> Trimble County Generation Facility
> Electro-Coat Paint Tank Reline
> E-Coat Secondary Containment

Mesquite Power Generation Facility

Project Description. Several different surfaces of concrete Secondary Containments received flexible, Corrosion Resistant linings to bridge potential movement of concrete and provide Corrosion Barrier to aggressive chemicals such as; Concentrated Sulfuric Acid and Caustic.

Work Performed.

Concrete Process Tanks and Sumps:
Surface preparation- SSPC-SP-13 (NACE6) - abrasive cleaning
Lining: 1/8 “ thick, fiberglass Mat reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining Systems

Secondary Containments:
Surface preparation- SSPC-SP-13 (NACE6) - abrasive cleaning
Lining: high performance, crack-bridging elastomeric lining system KCC Corrosion Control Elastic-Liner II

Process Floors:
100% Solids High builds Epoxy, self leveling/ broadcast flooring Systems



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