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The following project is illustrative of work performed by Ultimate Corrosion Control for our diverse client base worldwide.

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Electro-Coat Paint Tank Reline
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Electro-Coat Paint Tank Reline Project

Project Description. The old lining material and E Coat material was removed from main dip tank, weir tank and pump wells by high pressure water jetting with 36,000 PSI to clean the steel surfaces to bare metal. All steel surfaces were abrasive blasted to meet SSPC-SP5 (White Metal) with a three mil minimum anchor profile.

All prepared surfaces received lining system based on primer and silica filled, glass reinforced, epoxy lining, applied to a nominal thickness of 3/16" in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions.

Work Performed:

Removal chemically attacked and disbanded Lining Hydro blast with 36,000 psi
Surface preparation- SSPC-SP-5 (NACE1) - white metal abrasive blast
Lining: 150 mils woven cloth reinforced Epoxy Lining

Inspection for film discontinuity: High Voltage Sparktest- 15,000 Volts

Installation of FRP Components: Coves, Anode Supports, Crash Rails, Stairs and Pipe inserts

Linings manufactured by KCC Corrosion Control Co., Ltd.



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