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The following project is illustrative of work performed by Ultimate Corrosion Control for our diverse client base worldwide.

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> Waste Water Tretment - FGD System
> Tiger Creek Generation Facility
> Mesquite Power Generation Facility
> Trimble County Generation Facility
> Electro-Coat Paint Tank Reline
E-Coat Secondary Containment

14,000 square foot Secondary Containment Structure
Under E-Coat Process Line

Secondary Containment under E-coat Process Line Secondary Containment under E-coat Process Line

Project Description. Prior to surface preparation all surfaces were evaluated based on the following field tests:

  • Tensile Strength (ATSM D4541-85)

  • Moisture Content (ATSM D4263-88)

  • Surface Temperature

  • Chloride and Sulfate Ion Contamination

Surface preparation included mechanical methods (blastracking and scarifying) to remove weak concrete, surface laitance.

Immediately after surface preparation surfaces received a coat of KCC Corrosion Control Techni-Plus E 3.2 penetrating Primer/Sealer.

Vertical repairs to fill surface imperfections, cased by air entrainment during concrete pour and opened up by abrasive blasting, were completed utilizing KCC Corrosion Control Epoxy-based Scratch Coat (PR-11) System.

KCC Corrosion Control Techn-Plus EP 250 Epoxy Motar trowel applied to all surface imperfections less 3".

The following surfaces receieved KCC Corrosion barriers based on the Manufacturer recommendations:

  • Drum Storage Area - Techni-Plus EN 25.5 Broadcast System (80 mils D.F.T.)

  • Sumps and Trenches - Elast-Liner I.2 (60 mils D.F.T.)

  • Drain Deck and Tank Pedestals - ElastiLiner III (60 mils D.F.T.)

  • Chemical Storage Area - ElastiLiner II (40 mils D.F.T.)

  • Waste Treatment Area - ElastiLiner II (40 mils D.F.T.)

Work Performed:

Concrete: floors, sumps, trenches, piers- surface preparation. Priming with Epoxy based, Conductive Primer

Installation of: crack bridging, chemical and abrasion resistant Lining and Coatings
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