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Each of the following is illustrative of work performed by Ultimate Corrosion Control for our diverse client base worldwide.

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> Waste Water Tretment - FGD System
> Tiger Creek Generation Facility
> Mesquite Power Generation Facility
> Trimble County Generation Facility
> Electro-Coat Paint Tank Reline
> E-Coat Secondary Containment

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Waste Water Treatment Facility for FGD System
UCC as a single-source contractor, completed the application of corrosion control to all surfaces at this FGD Water Treatment Facility, providing a cost effective installation. More details >

Power Generation Facilities

Tiger Creek Generation Facility
Approximately 128,000 square feet of surfaces was coated following preparation to SSPC-SP6 commercial Blast Cleaning and SSPC-SP3 Power Tool cleaning. More details >
Mesquite Power Generation Facility
Several different surfaces of concrete Secondary Containments received flexible, Corrosion Resistant linings to bridge potential movement of concrete. More details >
Trimble County CT5-CT10 Generation Facility
Approximately 180,000 square feet of surfaces was coated following preparation to SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast Cleaning and SSPC-SP3 Power Tool Cleaning. More details >

Electro-Coating Facilities

Electro-Coat Paint Tank Reline Project
The old lining material and E Coat material was removed from main dip tank, weir tank and pump wells by high pressure water jetting with 36,000 PSI to clean the steel surfaces to bare metal. More details >
Secondary Containment under E-coat Process Line Secondary Containment Structure Under E-Coat Process Line - Prior to surface preparation all surfaces were evaluated based on Tensile Strength, Moisture Content, Surface Temperature, including Chloride and Sulfate Ion Contamination.
More details >

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