Advanced Polymer Coatings - Temperature Dissipating Coatings

Advanced Polymer Coatings approved contractor


Ultimate Corrosion Control is an approved
contractor of Advanced Polymer Coatings.

A Proud Installer of
Chemline Products
“Performance without Compromise”

The secret of the polymer is the density of the polymer an how it is installed:

Chemline Polymer Density Chart

Ultimate Corrosion Control can provide

  • Containment solutions for the widest array of materials.

  • Many times we can line steel with significant savings over stainless steel
    or other alloys

  • Provide tank linings that will not permeate or contaminate or change due to harsh chemical environments

  • FDA approved for food processing or storage tanks

Chemline Polymrer Resistance Comparison Chart

Ultimate Corrosion Control can line concrete process tanks and dike areas. APC materials are durable, chemical resistant and pliable enough to line concrete without cracking.

Concrete process tankConcrete process tank
Concrete process dike

Ultimate Corrosion Control applies specialized Temperature Dissipating Coatings

from APC
  • ChemLINE ® TDC is a specially formulated coating that provides an
    insulating barrier to reduce high temperature surfaces for personnel
    protection and heat retention.

  • ChemLine® TDC acts as an insulative coating along with the
    outstanding chemical resistance of ChemLINE® 784.

  • Requires Minimum Surface Preparation Power tool cleaning

  • Can be Applied Directly to Hot Clean Surface to 300°F (150°C)

  • Can be Built up to 60 mils in One Coat on a Hot Surface

  • Can be Touched Up After Minor Structural Repairs

  • Can be Applied to Virtually any Substrate Material and Eliminates
    Corrosion—No Primer Required



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