UCC Case Studies

The following are examples of various projects that required special attention and unique solutions:

Automotive Tank Housing

Automotive Tank & Housing Refurbishment Project

The Stage 2 and 4 Tanks & Housings were in severely deteriorated condition at the time this Refubishment Project was funded. The upper housing had many perforations before the sandblasting operation for metal preparation.

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FDG Coatings

FDG Coatings In Coal Fired Power Plant

The FGD system is a 65 MW coal-fired power plant. It is equipped with an electrostatic precipitator and a wet flue gas desulfurizer (FGD) system for emission controls. The plant consumes approximately 550 tons of coal per day.

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Waste Water Treatment for FDG

Waste Water Treatment Facility for FGD System

UCC provided complete corrosion control to all surfaces at this FGD Water Treatment Facility. All structures supporting: mixing, solids recirculation, sludge thickening and clarification received the most advanced corrosion protection. 

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Blome Tiles

Blome International Vitrified Tiling Systems


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