Industrial Surface Treaments (IST)


Ultimate Corrosion Control is an approved contractor of IST Products.

Xurex Sealed Concrete

The IST solution is a series of sealant formulations specifically designed to penetrate the surface of concrete which, after proper curing, provides benefits such as enhanced corrosion resistance, permeation and increased water repellancy.

UCC Has Solutions to Unique Applications


  • The sealant formulation is tailored to allow the concrete to be resistant to
    acid, caustic, solvent and at the same time becomes more abrasion resistant.
    Because the ISF product is infused into the concrete it will not separate, delaminate or contaminate.

  • UCC ‘s trained crew can provide a fast track solution, installing thousands of Square feet in 72 hours and return to service

  • The resultant concrete finish is competetive with epoxy, and urethane
    floor coatings




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